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A label printer is a device that uses a computer system to print on a labeling material. Label printers are applied in a variety of fields such as packaging labels, marking retail prices. It is also applied in supply chain management and marking of various laboratory specimen. Label printers use sensors which detect gaps or lines between the labels and adjust the print aligns correctly.


Thermal printers

Thermal label printers are the most common label printers. It uses heat and the pressure applied marks the paper into different patterns. Direct thermal label printers use heat. Heat is subjected to a sensitive paper used for labeling. Direct thermal labels when exposed to heat, the labels fade over time thus used for shorter periods.


Thermal transfer printers

Thermal transfer printers use the mechanism of heat. Ink is applied from the ribbon onto the label. Wax and resin ribbons are used in thermal transfer printers. Wax ribbon is suitable for semi-gloss paper labels. The chemical resistivity of resin makes it suitable for coated synthetic labels. Wax and resin can be used for synthetic labeling.


Barcode printer

A barcode printer is computer-based printing machine. It is used for printing barcode labels which are applied in labeling of cartons before shipping. It is used to label retail items and in manufacturing facilities. Barcode printers use direct thermal printing technology and thermal transfer technology. Barcode direct thermal printers use heat which causes a chemical reaction turning the paper black. This technology is then used to print labels or tags.


Barcode thermal transfer printers

Thermal transfer printers use the mechanism of melting wax or resin on a ribbon which runs over a label. The heat applied is able to transfer ink onto the labeling paper from the ribbon. The labels produced by this technology are permanent and not susceptible to direct sunlight or heat.

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